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5 tips if you find the Bible hard to read

I’ve often had people tell me that they don’t read the bible because it is hard to read. Or another will say, why should I continue reading the Bible when I simply just don’t understand it. My simple answer is; because its worth it. I can empathize with someone who has difficulty reading something that they don’t understand. I remember when I was in high school, and we were asked to read some poem or poetry of a certain author. So I went to the high school library and grabbed a book of that author and began reading. The problem was, I didn’t understand what I was reading, I wasn’t moved the way my teacher was about that author. So I asked Mr. Willis, to recommend to me some particular works that were personal favorites of his. Once I heard him share about those poems or short stories, I was more moved to read them with the anticipation that they would speak to me, and I’m so glad I did because; Edgar Allen Poe became one of my favorite poets and short story writes of my teen years.

I want to offer 5 helps to those who find the bible difficult to read. The reason I want to share these is because I believe that the bible is the greatest gift we have today, and it is such a treasure and joy to read and understand the mind of God. My first tip is to Make Sure you have a modern translation a translation that is true to the original wording and reads like the way we speak today. I personally use the CSB, I also use the ESV.

2. Make sure you are in a church where the bible is preached I know that sounds easy, but some preachers would rather tell you stories about life than explain the text that gives you life. On a side note, be involved in a Sunday School or Small group where people are freely sharing the bible together.

3. Get a Study Bible. A study bible is different than a regular bible in that it has study notes at the bottom half of the page to help explain, cultural differences or words that seem difficult. Study Bibles are helpful tools to understand the bible better.

4. Read Carefully. Its possible that a person has difficulty because they are rushing through the word. Take your time, its about the quality of your read verses the quantity of your reading. 5. Pray for God to give you light. There will be times when you read that the AHA moment comes when you have new insight in a particular passage than before. If you are having difficulty pray that God would make clear the text that you would be changed from the inside out.

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