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Why I use Bible Studies for Life in my Sunday School group

I am a Sunday School teacher. In fact I have taught Sunday School for well over 20 years, I have used a variety of resources over the years, but I have always been particularly fond of LifeWay resources. In my Sunday School group I use Bible Studies for Life, because it is the best fit for my group at this time.

One of the most compelling reasons to use Bible Studies for Life is it is built upon the 7 attributes that are important for discipleship (Bible engagement, Obeying God & denying self, Serving God and others, Sharing Christ, Exercising faith, Seeking God, Building relationships, and Unashamed and transparent). Each 6 week topical study will focus primarily on one of these attributes. So in a course of a year, one will have studied a variety of text that will help them grow as a disciple of Christ and grow in faith. Each Bible study unit is topical, and is relevant for everyday life.

As a teacher, lesson planning has to be simple but must also have substance. Bible Studies for Life has the right balance of both. The lesson plan will have 1 main point, it will offer 5 solid teaching questions, perfect for discussion and interaction, 1 activity option, and 3 application ideas to live out the study in the upcoming week. As a teacher the lesson is methodical, deep enough for mature Christians yet simple enough for new believers. If I am having trouble understanding a text, Bible Studies for Life provides commentary from theologians who provide the context and historical happenings of the passage to help me understand it better.

Another reason why I use Bibles Studies for Life is because of the new daily discipleship guide. The Daily Discipleship Guide is a tool that not only provides my group with a lesson plan of the week, but also daily bible readings and devotion that go along with the text. Now the resource can be used everyday and not just on Sundays. When it comes to living out the text you studied on Sunday, you are challenged everyday to put into action what you previously studied.

Lastly, Bible Studies for Life is offered in a variety of formats that make it easier for my class to study. It is offered in both print and digital. So regardless if you study on your iPad or you like to hand write notes in your guide, Bible Studies for Life gives you that option. For more info on Bible studies for Life I have provided a link below.

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